Biggest Mega Moolah Wins

Game Mega Moolah up till now has made millionaires few people in the world

In October 2015, a record in the history of Internet casinos was broken. A player from Great Britain won a progressive jackpot of more than £13 million in Mega Moolah slot at Betway casino. The winner turned out to be a young veteran - Jon Heywood - who used to be stationed in Afghanistan and later on has returned to his home Cheshire. 26 years old soldier bet a stake of 25 pence and won huge win in a slot from Microgaming company. His win topped the record from 2013 and won around €17,879,645.

At the beginning  of April 2015 a lucky player from Canada won a fantastic jackpot in progressive slot Mega Moolah, which was more than 7,5 million Canadian dollars (€7,131,054 or £5,162,651). The winner with username Mark A while playing on its mobile device won one of the largest jackpots in this game. Casino representatives informed that the player from Canada registered in the casino only 7 days prior to big win.

Year 2014 was as full of wins as this one is, 3 players won respectively:$3,3 mln, $2,38 mln and $3,9 mln. In November a player with initials I.R. hit a jackpot of €2.72 mln (£2.14 mln). How a casino informed, the winner was a woman which has been playing for some time for small amounts of money in progressive slot on her mobile phone. On the other hand in June 2014 thanks to Mega Moolah game 2 lucky players become richer. Player G.M. won more than $3.9 mln, and his winning bet was placed only for $1,25, a different player, Jorge, won $2,38 million in Mega Moolah.

A prize of 6.3 million euro from 2009 is among large wins in Mega Moolah slot in Europe. The lucky players was a 36 years old Georgios M. from Greece. Single bet of up to $5 turned out to be best investment in his whole career. Reaction of Georgios seemed to be a total shock: frightened look at the screen, and a quiet words of disbelief: “I can’t believe that…” - than long moment of silence… therefore it is not strange that Georgios hired a financial consultant to help him with his wealth.

Another high win paid out from Mega Moolah pool was $5,5 million prize. That time the strike of luck hit a man from colder part of Europe - Turku, Finland.

In that time - July, 2008 - the amount $5,5 million was the record one in progressive jackpots. What is interesting it was the lucky 13th win of over 1 million Euro got in Microgaming. The luck was very  favourable that day also for Klaus E, the man from the Land of Reindeer needed only $0,5 to struck it rich. The monster-sized progressive jackpot caused shaking of Klaus's hands and the idea that he had turned into a millionaire just couldn't sunk in for a long time.

Another interesting story of a Mega Moolah millionaire is that of Radoslaw M. from Poland. In October 2009, the 29-year-old citizen of Warsaw won 1,2 million Euros in Betway Casino. When the happy Pole came to London to collect his incredible prize he said: "I haven't bought any new clothes for six months. Now, that I'm here in London, I will go to Harrods on a shopping spree! I have also planned to buy a car on credit, but now I can afford a supercar." What about the rest of the money? Radoslaw M. intends to prudently manage the rest of his small fortune by investing into bonds and properties. But before that, to finally marry his longtime fiancee, in style!

One of the most recent Mega Moolah millionaires is a lady known only as "Mrs. P" who won more than $ 4.1 million Euros on Aug. 29th, 2010. It was reported at that time by the casino representative that the woman was overwhelmed by what will undoubtedly be a life-changing windfall.

Starting with the premiere of the game in 2006, each year high wins have been hit, that’s why the popularity of this progressive slot stays at the same level.

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