£13,213,838.68 WON! Record win in Betway Casino in Mega Moolah online progressive slot!

A dream of tons of players came true for a young soldier from UK

26 years old corporal Jon Heywood from Cheshire become a multimillionaire by playing in Betway Internet casino late evening on October 6th, 2015. Young veteran which recently returned from Afghanistan informed that he deposited £30 to his account in Internet casino. Stake of 25 pence brought him £13,213,838.68 win in just 7 minutes (more than €17 million). The amount of progressive jackpot Mega Moolah kept on increasing for around half a year. The slot of Microgaming company is famous for large and frequent wins, that’s why it’s popularity among players keeps on growing in no time.

Young soldier admitted that part of the win will go for his father’s treatment who is waiting for heart and lung transplant. Lucky player said that his family is the most important for him and that he will do everything to help. The only present that he made for himself was the car of his dreams - yellow Bentley Continental GT.

Jackpot hit by the Briton also turned out to be the highest in the history of Internet casinos. The second to last largest win was scored in PAF casino in Mega Fortune and was of €17,861,813 - changing to euro the win at Betway we will get €17,879,645.

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